The AFL-CIO is the umbrella federation for U.S. unions, with 56 unions representing 12.5 million working men and women. They work to ensure that all people who work receive the rewards of their work—decent paychecks and benefits, safe jobs, respect and fair treatment. They work to make the voices of working people heard in the White House, on Capitol Hill, in state capitals across the country and in corporate boardrooms. They hold corporations accountable for their treatment of employees and ensure the voice of working people is heard in the financial system. Learn more.

The Young Machinists is a group of energetic union members borne out of the IAM. Marked by a deep connection to the struggles and accomplishments made by the brave brothers and sisters that came before them, the Young Machinists lend their voices to the common call of justice and fairness for all workers. Learn more.

Alabama Aero is a project of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers (IAM) focusing attention on – and highlighting – the contributions of Alabama’s highly-skilled front-line aviation and aerospace workers. The IAM, which represents thousands of workers at the likes of United Launch Alliance and Army Fleet Support, believes it’s critical ALL of Alabama’s highly-skilled aerospace and aviation workers are treated fairly and properly represented as the State’s aerospace sector continues its rapid growth. The blueprint for continued aerospace success in Alabama must include training and apprenticeship programs, worker input in business operations, new models of labor/management partnership and family and community-sustaining wages. Learn more.

The Union Veterans Council brings together union leaders and union members who are veterans to speak out on veterans’ issues and influence public policy to improve the quality of life for U.S. veterans and their families. The two primary areas of focus for veterans are access to good jobs and access to quality health care. The Union Veterans Council will hold government officials, candidates and elected officials accountable to the needs of military veterans and their families. The UVC will make our positions on veterans’ issues known to candidates for public office and support the appointment of labor-friendly veterans to government agencies at all levels. Learn more.

The Union Sportsman Alliance is a union-operated, union-dedicated, 501 (c) (3) conservation organization committed to uniting millions of union sportsmen and sportswomen into one community with a shared commitment to educate future generations of sportsmen, conserve health wildlife habitat and volunteer their time and skills for projects that improve access to quality places to hunt, fish and shoot. Learn more.

Union Plus is a program created provide union members and their families with valuable consumer benefits. With Union Plus benefits, your union membership "pays" at work and at home. By using the collective buying power of unions, we are able to offer valuable, discounted products and services exclusively to working families. Learn more.