In order to file for an election with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) — the federal agency that oversees private sector union elections – a substantial number of Airbus Mobile workers must sign an election authorization card (also referred to as an A-card). You can access an electronic a-card here:

A few notes:

  • The National Labor Relations Act says that 30% of you and your co-workers must sign an authorization card before seeking a secret-ballot union election. However, the IAM believes a majority of Airbus employees should sign an authorization card before a union election is sought.
  • Authorization cards are NOT shown to the company and are NOT a membership application. They simply demonstrate support for a secret-ballot election.
  • If there is enough interest among your group, the IAM will file a “Petition” for representation with the NLRB.

Form more information on your rights under the National Labor Relations Act, please visit: